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FGR Incorporações


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Mobile app for data integration

The virtual strategy of the FGR Incorporações mobile app was design with the objective of improving both the buyer's and the real estate broker's experiences. In agreement with FGR, we chose the Jardins Itália project as a base to develop the application pilot.

In general, marketing materials developed for a real estate launch are composed of 3d illustrations, 3d animations, floor plans and physical models. Although all these forms of presentation add value to the product, they bring little innovation in terms of user experience and technology. In addition, they do not generate data that can be used for future insights and for the modeling of new sales strategies.


It was decided to develop an application for mobile devices (iOS and Android) that would integrate graphic visualization technologies with a database selected by the company, in order to create something relevant for both the client and the broker. This way, the client and the broker could use the application either to visualize the project in 3d, or to check useful data, such as the availability of lands, the square meters, and the price of the property. For FGR Incorporações, the application could generate valuable data to help in decision-making processes.


Modeling assets and programming actions

The first step in technical development is the 3D modeling of the assets that will be part of the application.


3D models developed for rendering perspectives and animations are complex and high-poly models. This requires greater graphics processing capacity from the devices. In this specific case, the 3D model needed to be simplified, as the application was developed for mobile devices, which do not have the same processing capacity as devices with GPU (graphic processing units). Thus, we reduced the number of polygons in the model (low-poly) in order to improve the user experience. 

Once the modeling step is over, we start programming the actions. We program the actions that will be performed within the application, such as interactive menus, user navigation, animations, among others, from the objectives outlined in the virtual strategy and relevance stage. In the case of the Mobile App for FGR, the idea was to provide a menu that was intuitive and easy to navigate through the 3D model of the real estate project. Data such as block number, land number, square meters, land value and property status (sold/reserved/available) would also be accessible.

UMG FGR Menu Unreal


Applying materials, lighting and audio

The design and art phase is when we program shaders, choose materials, test lighting types, and introduce audio elements.


This was a sensitive point for the Mobile App, as we needed to strike a balance between the level of detail and the FPS (frames per second) rate so as not to harm the user experience.

In the App, we chose the "bird's eye" view - a camera position that simulates the view of a bird in flight. As it is a camera angle that is further away from the modeled assets, we worked with simpler shaders and materials, optimizing the graphics processing and smoothing the navigation through the model. We opted for natural daylighting on a sunny day and added some audio elements to reinforce the actions performed.


Graphic improvement and programming refinement.

The last phase of our methodology is thoroughness. This is when we carefully analyze all the work already developed with the objective of optimizing the application, mapping possible problems and improving the programming to ensure the relevance of the final experience.

The Mobile App has been optimized to ensure a good graphic experience with fluidity in movement and simplicity in the execution of actions. At this stage, we also check the data entered to ensure its integrity.


As mentioned, the Mobile App was a pilot project, which at first had the objective of mirroring the data from the real estate broker's sales table. Over time, the level of data complexity could be increased according to the desired goals.


The objective of creating an application that would add innovation and provide a relevant experience in the sales process of a FGR real estate project was achieved.

The Mobile App provided the customer with the advantage of having constant access to an interactive presentation with graphic quality and product data throughout their purchase journey. To the broker, it provided the possibility for him to use the App as an interactive sales table, even outside the sales center.



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