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Illustrations and Animations - CGI are three-dimensional graphic representations, in image or video format, with the aim of communicating an idea, project, or product.

Realistic and detailed CGI illustrations are powerful tools for clarifying and convincing people of an idea.


CGI animations can engage people with fascinating storytelling elements, increasing people's connection and level of attention. CGI animation allows for a range of strategies to be used for engagement, such as adding visual and sound effects, voice-over or even creating characters to tell a story.


Ilustrations and Animations - CGI allow you to present products that do not yet exist in the physical world, which promotes time gains and assertiveness in decision-making.

It is a type of service that works for any organization that has an idea, project or product to present. With CGI illustrations and animations, it is possible to produce fascinating content for each stage of a company's value chain and provide the right information and solutions at the appropriate time – always with a focus on providing benefits and added value to customers or employees.

By clearly communicating your ideas with illustrations and animations – CGI, you can speed up the planning process, generate more interest in your ideas, and drive greater engagement.

In addition, with illustrations and CGI animations, you have realistic, detailed presentation material at your disposal that is easy to share in the company's various communication channels. The better the quality of the presentation, the greater the perception of added value to the product. CGI presentations, therefore, increase a company's brand equity and, consequently, end up generating greater acceptance of an idea and increased sales.

Finally, CGI presentations save time and reduce costs by reducing the need for prototypes, physical mockups, or even plotting and printing.


Illustrations and Animations - CGI can be used by any industry that needs to present products before they are ready. This is useful for companies that need to demonstrate an idea, project, or sell a product that has not yet been produced. Some of the main industries that make use of CGI presentations are:

  • Retail

  • Construction

  • Mining

  • Healthcare

  • Automotive

  • Oil and gas



The first step in the process is to clearly define the purpose and desired results with the production of CGI illustrations and animations. The development of a good virtual strategy aims to ensure the relevance of the experience.

In the case of 3d Illustrations and Animations, the following should be considered:

  • Purpose

  • Goals and objectives

  • Number of assets to be modeled

  • Level of graphic details

  • Number of images and/or animation duration

  • Definition of views and/or storyboard


Technical development is when we do all the 3D modeling and refinements of the assets that will be part of the illustrations and/or animation.


In the design and art phase, we create the materials. This phase is sensitive to the final result of the images and/or animation because realism of the elements is necessary for the virtual experience to be successful (polishing, porosity, anisotropy, reflections, etc.)


Based on the objectives outlined in the virtual strategy and relevance stage, we positioned the cameras and configured the lighting.


The last phase of our methodology, thoroughness, is when we carefully analyze all the work developed in order to further enhance the artistic work developed. This stage is also known as post-production and is performed in specific software for this purpose. Attention to detail is intrinsic to VisibleBits and aims to ensure the relevance of the final experience.


As demonstrated above, CGI illustrations and animations can clearly and realistically communicate a product that does not yet exist, generate greater exposure and interest for an idea, and increase brand equity.

VisibleBits has more than 10 years of experience in developing Illustrations and Animations - CGI for various industries such as civil construction, mining, oil and gas, and others.

If you are interested in presenting your products with CGI illustrations and animations, please feel free to contact VisibleBits via email

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