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Virtual and augmented reality are consolidating themselves as tools with utility far beyond the world of games. Every year, they are more present and delivering more and more results in the business world.


Our virtual training and learning solution is an immersive virtual learning experience that recreates real-life situations and simulates work challenges, while providing data for analysis and insights.

The last few years have shown us that the evolution of virtual training is taking place at an accelerated rate within organizations. We want to help you implement this solution in your company.

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Virtual reality training provides a realistic experience that allows for practical and effective training of skills from the simplest to the most complex.

Benefits of Virtual Training and Learning

Three-dimensional technologies make it possible for us to transform any real-world knowledge or situation into software. Thus, it is possible to create a three-dimensional audiovisual experience that immerses the person in a totally safe and distraction-free environment, where they can learn without fear of making mistakes.

We can standardize training for all people using virtual or augmented reality headsets, so that a student or employee in one city can do the same training as someone in another distant location.

With virtual training, we are also able to generate data (data analytics) that enable better knowledge management and constant improvement. For example, it is possible to more easily monitor people's difficulties in carrying out the proposed tasks and give feedback more assertively. 

As it is a virtual training, the person can run it as many times as necessary, improving knowledge retention and allowing the person to be more comfortable learning. Our virtual training uses gamified principles, which makes the experience more fun, increases team engagement and commitment and, consequently, promotes improved results.

In summary, Virtual Training and Learning provides a secure, standardized environment that can be performed anywhere with great scalability. In addition, it generates data (data analytics) that allow for better monitoring and continuous improvement.

Effectiveness of Virtual Training and Learning

Training in virtual and augmented reality is gaining strength within companies and some practical results are:

  • Learning improvement: 76% increase in the effectiveness of learning compared to traditional teaching methods (Siemens Healthcare)

  • Increased connection with content: students feel 3.75 times more connected with the content than in a traditional training

  • Increased focus: Students are able to stay 4 times more focused in an immersion environment

  • Increased confidence: Virtual training learners feel up to 40% more confident to perform an action that traditional training students

  • Time saving: Virtual training 4 times faster than a traditional training


Virtual Training and Learning can be applied effectively in a variety of niches and industries, from retail and healthcare to automotive, logistics, and security. In a practical way, any traditional training can be transformed into virtual training. The following are tangible examples of how VR training programs can benefit work in numerous industries:

  • Retail

  • Construction

  • Mining

  • Manufacturing industries

  • Healthcare

  • Security and Emergency

  • Logistics

  • HR

* VisibleBits non-proprietary illustrative case



The first step in the process is to clearly define the purpose and desired results of the virtual training. The assembly of the virtual strategy aims to ensure the relevance of the experience.   

In the case of the Virtual Training and Learning, the following should be considered:

  • Goals and objectives

  • Budget for investment and time for training development

  • Number of assets to be modeled

  • Level of graphic details

  • Level of scheduled actions

  • Number of employees to be trained

  • Devices and software that meet the organization's needs

  • Monitoring results for improvement.


Technical development is when we do all the 3D modeling of the assets that will be part of the application. Once the modeling step is over, we start programming the actions. We program the actions that will be performed within the application, such as interactive menus, user navigation, animations, among others, from the objectives outlined in the virtual strategy and relevance stage.


The design and art phase is when we program the shaders (real-time behavior of materials), choose materials, test lighting types and introduce audio elements. This phase is sensitive for the application because, for the immersion experience to be successful, elements realism (polishing, porosity, anisotropy, reflections, etc.) and data processing speed are required. This ensures that movements within the virtual space happen instantly, just like in the real world.


The last phase of our methodology is thoroughness. This is when we carefully analyze all the work already developed with the objective of optimizing the application, mapping possible problems and improving the programming. Attention to detail is intrinsic to VisibleBits and aims to ensure the relevance of the final experience.


Virtual reality and training can bring numerous benefits for companies to prepare their employees effectively. Because it is a training that allows flexibility and scalability, it ends up being a more inclusive and easy to standardize training. In addition, there is a risk-free environment that allows unlimited repetition, leaving the student safe and confident.

If you are interested in implementing a virtual reality training program in your company, please feel free to contact VisibleBits via email

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